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Hi, Thank you for visiting my website.

My name is Susanne Miller,

Since I began my bodywork practice, I have done lots of training and earned a bunch of acronyms to put after my name: MPH, LMT , SEP,  RCST® (Learn more about these acronyms on the training and credentials page).  The whole point of all of this is so I can be of service to you in a way that is transformative and supportive of your body’s inherent wisdom and movement towards health and well being.  I love share the benefits of all my trainings, seeing the benefit for you.

Each of has our own unique path in healing, and it is beautiful to see how it unfolds.

Contact me:  SusannesBodywork@gmail.com or 301-807-8829 (call or text)

Join with me for your:
  • relaxation, and unwinding tension, in a way that makes a long term difference in your life
  • pain, restrictions in movement, in a way that is transformative
  • deeper understanding of your body’s inherent wisdom, so you can more easily and naturally accomplish your life’s purpose
  • increased capacity for feeling and understanding your body’s communications,
  • rejuvenation and
  • restoring and enhancing your natural state of well being.