Cleaning and Infection Control Protocols

In this time of COVID-19, to meet current Maryland Board of Health regulations, I am strengthening my cleaning and sanitation practices to keep us both as worry free as possible, and safe and healthy.  These protocols are based on the recommendations of the CDC and the Maryland Board of Health.

For the immediate foreseeable future, I am going to limit in-person sessions to one person a day, so I can confidently maintain a high level of sanitation and safety for both of us.  Before you arrive, I will change into freshly cleaned clothes.  We are both required to wash our hands or use hand sanitizer when you arrive.  We are both required to wear a face mask during our time together and I am required to take your temperature at the beginning of each session (with my touchless thermometer).

The cleaning and sanitization will occur the day before you arrive (after departure of the previous day’s client) and the rooms will be thoroughly aired out.  The windows will be opened, and the ceiling fans turned on, for the balance of the prior day to remove any remaining germs and odors from the disinfectants used. The treatment room and the bathroom will be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly with an EPA approved disinfectant following the product manufacturer directions.  This includes the floor, all door handles used for entering and exiting, as well as the massage table, wall switches, wastebaskets and soap dispensers. There will be freshly washed sheets, towels and blankets placed on the massage table, and covering the fabric couch.  The chairs and stools where you might want to place your personal items, will be washed and sanitized.

There will be disposable gloves and tissues by the front door for your use on door handles, if you wish that additional protection.  If you need to use a pen during the session, I will be giving it to you to take home with you.

I have ordered no-touch soap dispensers,  lidded trash cans that are operated by a foot pedal, and some EPA approved cleaning products which are less caustic and irritating to nasal passages and eyes.

As we move forward in this time of COVID-19, I am likely to ask you if you feel safe in the space and if there are any additional things I can do or share with you that will increase your sense of safety so our work together can be as beneficial as possible.  Please feel free to email me if you have questions between sessions at

Thank you for reading this!