Alchemical Alignment

Alchemical AlignmentAdvanced bodywork for resolution of trauma and embodiment of spirit:

There is a new paradigm in working with trauma and health –Working with undigested life experiences which are creating difficulty in present time.  This can have occurred at any time:  from before conception through gestation, birth, early attachment (pre and perinatal times), childhood, teen years and adulthood.  Now that cutting edge science and therapeutic processes are all proving the body bears the burden, we can work with the body to find relief.

gina 12 feet reflex 2The body expresses its story in present time — this is not a regressive therapy.  We consciously create conditions for change, and the body brings unfinished issues to the foreground to transmute them.  The body has its own innate wisdom regarding the order and pace at which this happens.

This results in aligning bodies with the blueprints of health, and releasing held energies of fight, flight and freeze, which may be creating a variety of symptoms.   This type of bodywork helps decompress, organize and heal the nervous system, energetic and fluid bodies, upon which the physical body is based.

The subtle yet profound changes in your body will change your perceptions of healing work.  Once we have worked with the symptoms on a causal level, the body shifts.  Often people experience light, warmth, or vibration moving through their bodies, ending up with a feeling of fluidity or wholeness.  We witness “Embodiment of Spirit”.  For example, it is possible to feel areas of chronic pain and tension melt away, the body balance itself right to left, top to bottom, back to front, or to have empty parts fill in again.  Alternately, people report inner awakenings, like an increase in sensory awareness; feeling more insight, spiritual awareness, clarity and energy; finding their voice, letting go of shame and guilt; connecting with peace, relaxation and grounding like never before; finding an embodied understanding of health and connection.  It is such a joy to witness the spirit and the body come into alignment.

Join me if you are on the path to becoming more regulated, embodied and empowered.

I completed all levels of Alchemical Alignment training with Brigit Viksnins starting in 2012 and have continued to study with her ongoingly since then. 

nervous system stable sympathetic parasympathetic flow