Cleaning and Infection Control

I am fully vaccinated.

Sanitation and cleaning protocols will continue to follow EPA recommended standards;  this includes both the treatment room and the bathroom.  The rooms will also be fully aired out before your session, including the opening of windows, use of ceiling fans and the HEPA air filter.  And I will wash my hands when you arrive.

Use of masks, and taking of temperature at the start of the session, will follow local and state mandates at the time of the session.  If masks are not currently required, you may request they be used if that is your preference.  I have a supply of new surgical masks on hand.  And I will check with you if you would prefer the windows be opened, the use of ceiling fans and/or the HEPA air filter turned on.

For the immediate foreseeable future, I am going to limit in-person sessions to three sessions a day, so I can confidently maintain a high level of sanitation and safety for both of us.  Before you arrive, I will change into freshly cleaned clothes and the table will have freshly laundered sheets, blanket and pillow cases.  (These will be organic sheets, and pillow cases, and they all will be laundered in scent free detergent.)

Please feel free to email me if you have questions between sessions at

Thank you for reading this!