Modalities Available

I will use these modalities, as you wish.  In this case, the “you wish” includes the information your body is providing us.  This can support the wisdom of your body, and the safety and security of your system, so your body may reveal the self-healing that is ready when we meet.  I am much more interested in helping you understand your Body Security System so you can live well, rather than in doing things to your body with massage to “fix” your symptoms. And we will be addressing your symptoms, as partners.  Click on the modality below or to the right to learn more…..gina 2

Alchemical Alignment (graduate of multiple trainings by Brigit Viksnins, MAT, SEP, RCST®, BCTMB)

Integrative Reflexology ®(certified by Claire Marie Miller)  See also Feet, Hand and Head Reflexology and Biodynamics

Somatic Experiencing ® (certified by Somatic Experiencing Training Institute)

Biodynamic Craniosacral ® (graduate of training with Roger Gilchrest, MA, RPE, RCST®, and Mimi Ikle-Khalsa, RCST®, LMT)

Sound Massage with Singing Bowls (trained under Peter Hess) for deep relaxation, rejuvenation and grounding

Myofascial Release Massage.  I am certified by Howard Rontal LMT in Myofascial Release Massage and have trained with John Barnes PT.  I will use myofascial release as part of your session if it is needed and wanted.  I no longer do full body Myofascial Release Massage sessions; I use this modality when it is integrated with the other (slow, focused) modalities.

Lymph Massage for Detox (graduate of training by Claire Marie Miller)