Modalities Available

I will use these modalities as you wish to support the wisdom of your body and the safety and security of your nervous system, so your body may reveal the self-healing that is ready when we meet.  Click on the modality below or to the right to learn more…..gina 2


Alchemical Alignment (graduate of training by Brigit Viksnins, MAT, SEP, RCST®, BCTMB)

Integrative Reflexology ®(certified by Claire Marie Miller)

Somatic Experiencing ® (certified by Somatic Experiencing Training Institute)

Biodynamic Craniosacral ® ( registered with, graduate of training with Roger Gilchrest, MA, RPE, RCST®, and Mimi Ikle-Khalsa, RCST®, LMT)

Sound Massage with Singing Bowls (in training under direction of Peter Hess) for deep relaxation, rejuvenation and grounding

Myofascial Release Massage.  I am certified by Howard Rontal LMT in Myofascial Release Massage and have trained with John Barnes PT.  I will use myofascial release as part of your session if it is needed and wanted.  I no longer do full body Myofascial Release Massage sessions; I use this modality when it is integrated with the other (slow, focused) modalities.  In this

Lymph Massage for Detox (graduate of training by Claire Marie Miller) way, I can best help your system to expand its capacities.