Reiki for embodiment of spirit on Zoom

Expand your capacity for wholeness, resilience, stabilization, grounding, well being.  We will be guided by your intention for the session, and the sensations and images from your physical body and system as a whole. Reiki energy will be called in to allow your system to expand and make effective use of your own healing energy.

Bring possibility gently.

If you wish, we can use the sound healing of the singing bowls as well in these sessions. The bowls will ring, and I will ask you to share what the sensations are that you are noticing.

I will be seated at my massage table in my massage room for our session.

My reiki sessions include conversation with you about what you are experiencing (physical sensations and images) during the session.  We will let your body lead the way.

Create lasting embodied changes in your body, mind, spirit, your entire system