Your Session

massage room and table march 2017Your session will be designed based on your intention in the moment.  This can be as simple as wanting to feel better or reducing discomfort in a particular area of your body.  I will be working from the perspective that your system has inherent wisdom and a blueprint for well being AND we are in a partnership.  It is my intention that you are coming to me to do a piece of your work in a safe and transformational way.

The body has its own sense of timing.  We will be slowing down in the present moment, to notice the physiology and images which signal the body’s readiness for transformation in each session.  It is my intention that any results, relief, any increased flexibility and fluidity, be long lasting.  This can allow you freedom from managing pain, discomfort and stress, so more of your time and energy can be focused on what is important to you!

You will remain fully clothed, massage room march 2017 removing perhaps your shoes, and sit in a chair, or lie on the massage table. You may choose to begin your session with some foot massage and/or reflexology, in which case I could apply my shea butter/caster oil combination to your feet.   It is recommended you wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing.  My experience is that it is easier to be aware of subtle reactions and your nervous system more easily if  you remain fully clothed.

(Mostly we assume we are supposed to already know how to hear and understand the wisdom of our body.  The thing is, our busy lives often don’t allow the kind of attention and awareness that is necessary, and we have not, for the most part, been taught from a young age to listen to and honor our body’s sensations and experiences.  So it is really normal to have the beginning of our work together be focusing, in a very relaxed state, to understand the messages the body is sending (which are often disguised as pain or discomfort).  As it took me quite a long time to feel the sensations and understand the messages, I have a lot of patience for this process.  And as I have improved my health and well-being as a result, I am quite enthusiastic about what is possible through learning to listen and understand the body’s sensations and experiences.  You will receive the benefit of all the study, and all the mistakes I have made, through my self-discovery journey.)