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Welcome, and thank you for stopping by my website! 

I am fully inoculated for Covid.  I have been providing (and receiving) Zoom sessions over the past year and a half, and now am adding virtual Zoom sessions to my modalities;  we can very effectively let your body tell its story even in the Zoom format –  we can deeply listen to the sensations and images you are experiencing at the present moment.  It is amazing how much this can allow your nervous system to settle and expand your capacity for wholeness, resilience, rejuvenation stabilization, grounding, well being.  This kind of work can be very helpful in giving you more skills for self regulation of your nervous system and allowing a sense of well-being and possibility.

To allow our work together to be as effective as possible (either by Zoom or in-person) I will be bringing grounding, safety and connection to the session.  Then together we will discover, in an interactive way,  what works best to settle your body security system and hear the story your system is sharing.  I will ask you if there are things we can do to enhance your sense of safety in the room and during the session.  We will integrate deep listening with touch* and also use principles from the advanced bodywork trauma healing foundational trainings I have been participating in for the past 10 years since receiving my massage therapy license.  This includes:  Alchemical Alignment, Somatic Experiencing, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Integrated Pre and Perinatal Healing.  We can understand difficult patterns from the past and bring wholeness, resilience, rejuvenation, stability to the present moment.  This is work we will do in the present moment, with the sensations and images that come to your awareness during the session. (Please note, I am not a psychological therapist, I am a body worker.  This work we will do is not regression or cathartic therapy; we will stay with the present moment with physiology, sensations and images.)

By listening to the body security system (aka “nervous” system), and using communication skills, this  is different than a traditional massage, where I as practitioner focus almost exclusively on the tension and thickened musculature in your body.  Instead, we will partner in discovery of healing that is right for you in the present moment.  I am a facilitator rather than a healer.  This is an important distinction.  Your body has everything it needs for healing and I will be with you in discovering where your body’s inherent capacities for healing have and “imprint” inhibiting the healing.  The healing often continues after the session, as the body slowly continues the process that got started during the session.

Your results and benefits will be optimal if you have an intention for the session.  I will ask about your intention(s) for the session.


*in virtual sessions, I will be sitting at my massage table imagining your body being present with me.  As in an in-person session, I will negotiate with you the right time to imagine bringing my hands to your feet, shoulders or head.  In this way we will be using touch remotely.  I will ask you to let me know what you are experiencing, sensations and images you are noticing.